“The highest and noblest work in this life is that of a mother.”

—Russell M. Nelson

As a mom of two girls I can wholeheartedly relate to everything that motherhood entails.

Raising little warriors is no easy task especially when you add working to the mix and how fast pace life is these days.

We can so easily get caught up in the mundane tasks of the day. Changing nappies, making snacks a 1000000 times a day, bathing, bedtime (oh bedtime).

Mothers are also rarely in photographs with their kids. Always there capturing sweet moments but are rarely photographed in these moments.

I am so passionate about beautifully capturing mothers and their children together in an intimate and artfully way.

Photos that you will treasure the rest of your life

A Motherhood Photo Session

  • Can be booked at any season of motherhood
  • Great way to capture your breastfeeding journey or the end of a breastfeeding journey
  • Beautiful way to freeze the challenging yet rewarding toddler season in time.
  • Provides visual evidence of your strength, bravery and love as a mother
  • Captures beauty within the mundane



“I don’t know how she does it, but she does magic with her camera. I loved meeting her and now I am obsessed with the beautiful photos she took. What a gift to have these images that will always remind me of my early months as Snow’s mother. Thank you, Megan! And we will for sure have more of these photoshoots together”


" Motherhood is a beautiful journey that can sometimes make us feel like we are losing ourselves, but in reality, we are discovering new dimensions of love and strength. "