1 - Be Present!!!

During the shoot don't think about what you are looking like in the photo. Don't worry about trying to get the kiddies to smile. Don't worry about the weather or if your kids are not behaving. Be fully present with your partner and your children. Just enjoy each other's company.

2 - Physical Touch

Focus on physical touch during the shoot. Hold hands, dance with your kids, give them tickles, hugs and kisses. This goes for your partner is well 😉

3 - No Discipline Zone

During the shoot I want you to let your kids be kids. Let them explore the location. Explore with them. If they misbehave instead of disciplining them like you normally would we are going to rather shift their focus onto something else.

4 - Prep Your Kids

Days leading up to the shoot I want you to start preparing your kids for the shoot. Instead of telling them we going to be taking photos I want you to tell them that you are going to have a fun time, exploring a new place and we going to get some photos of us having fun. Tell them you are looking forward to spending quality time as a family together.

5 - No Bribing

Please don't tell your kids if you listen to the photographer or if you smile for the photographer you will get (*insert treat here) after the photoshoot. This already tells them that they are not going to have fun and it will feel like work for them