So what is a documentary family photographer? This style of family photography is where the photographer takes a journalistic approach to your shoot. Capturing moments organically is prioritised over posed shots.

How to create a documentary family photo shoot. Plan the shoot around an activity where you will be able to naturally interact with one another. Example relaxing at home or a walk to your favourite park, a picnic, baking in the kitchen.

Does this mean we won't pose at all? Their will be times where I will help gently guide you through actions. Basically I will create an environment or suggestions where a natural moment can occur. An example would be to tell a toddler to race between mom and dad and when you get to mom you got to give a big hug.

But my main focus is to capture raw honest moments - ones that will become visual legacies for your family to look back on 10 - 20 -30 years from now.

I don't want to capture picture perfect family portraits I want to capture the mud between the toes, kids trying to see who can swing the highest or spin the fastest, the moment you hear your baby's first cry. These are real moments - and this is what makes me so fulfilled.

Does this give you the warm fuzzy feelings?

I value the photographs I have of my children, my breastfeeding journey, those tough newborn days with all my heart and I really want to provide you with the same visual legacies.

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