In terms of colours neutrals, jewel tones, earth tones and pastels work best. Stay clear of busy patterns, logos and bright colours.


Flowy dresses for moms and girls are always photograph beautifully.

Hair and Make Up

Hair and Make Up always make a difference in photos. You don't need to go full glam but some lashes or mascara and a pop of colour on the lip really elevates an image.

Older Babies and Toddlers

For girls dresses can be very cute but make sure they have little shorts on underneath or if they still in nappies, a nappy cover. Stylish but comfortable is key. We don't want them to feel irritable by the clothes they have on. Rompers can also work really well that way you won't be constantly pulling down a shirt or dress when you pick them up.


A naked baby (with a nappy of course) is the best. This way I get to photograph all those little wrinkles. Neutral muslin blankets are lovely to lightly cover baby with. All you need is one simple outfit for baby and a bow or headband for a little girl. It is advised not to have many outfit changes for little ones as this can be overstimulating for them to constantly be getting dressed and undressed.


I always prefer barefoot but always brings shoes with in case we have to walk over uncomfortable terrain. Kids can also sometimes prefer not to be barefoot. Simple sandles or slops work well. Bulky sneakers can be very distracting in the photographs. It is also easier to take off flip flops between shots than closed shoes.


Don't forget to accessories: bows, pretty clips for girls. Earrings, necklace, bracelets, bows, etc for moms


Adding different textures to your outfits can be really beautiful in photographs. Think chunky knits in winter, or in blankets. Linens, muslin dresses all work beautifully.

Inspiration For The Mom's:

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